Privacy Policy

GineersLife does not collect and manage user data. With the goal of user data protection, our services is free to use online and offline. All features requires no user authentication and can be accessed right away. These includes apps and websites created, managed and maintained by GineersLife.

This document is part of GineersLife's Terms of Service, and by using GineersLife's products and services, you agree to this Privacy Policy. Please read the Terms of Service in their entirety, and refer to those for definitions and contacts.

Section A. Data Collected

We collect NO data from every user in using our services unless required in our future updates from our apps and websites. With regards to future updates that needs user data collection, we will update this Privacy Policy in advance. Please make sure that you are updated with our Privacy Policy.

We don't ask you to provide certain personal information (e.g., address, contact number, and email address) in order to be able to use the service. Upon visiting our websites, or installing our apps from legal sources, you can view our content or use our services right away. Make sure you agree to these Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

Section B. Use of Data

We do not use any data from you. Your safety is our top priority and NOT collecting your personal data is the most secure thing to do.

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