How to CREATE Impressive Cover Images for FREE?

HiShoot2i app

I am not fond of graphic designing thus I hate spending so much time with photo-editing. Nevertheless you can see that every post on my website has these stunning cover images of mobile templates where I attached my screenshots.

Introducing the Hishoot2i app.

Hishoot2i is an android App. The official full version of the App is not uploaded on PlayStore because it is not working on SnapDragon devices and it contains numerous bugs. Nonetheless, they have a growing community of template-contributors where you can join on Google Plus and they have a group also on Telegram where I usually download my templates.

How to use the app?

Using the app is pretty basic. On the homepage, you will pick a specific template and choose from the template you just installed. It will automatically detect every template you installed on your phone so there’s no need for you to worry. By selecting the template of your choice, it will open a next page where you can add a screenshot and then save the image.

Voila. You're done

You can now open your Gallery and view the image you just created.

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