Simple examples you can play with. Copy, edit and run.

Analog Clock Using Arcs
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Simple analog clock using arcs.

Analog Clock with Hands
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Analog clock with complete hour hand, minutes hand and seconds hand.

Fourier Series Sawtooth Wave
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The sawtooth wave visualization coded in javascript.

Fourier Series Square Wave
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Here is the visualization of the Fourier Series of a Square Wave.

Fourier Series Triangular Wave
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Image to ASCII
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Convert pixel data into series of letters and characters.

Mini browser on the web
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Using i-frame to display another webpage in a website.

Scratch Pad
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Simple scratch pad written in Javascript.

Simple Calcuator
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A basic implementation of calculator in Javascript.

Sine wave
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Sine wave visualization in a rotating circle.

Snake Game Shapes and Colors
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Modifying the simple snake game by changing it's colors and shape.

Snake Game
Last updated on

Javascript version of the classic Snake Game

T-Rex Dinosaur Game By Google Chrome
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In this example you will be able to write a simple T-rex Dino Game. The one ...

The Asterisk Box Coding Challenge
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This is an example of applying your knowledge in the concept of loop and con...

Tic Tac Toe
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A very basic Tic-Tac-Toe game

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