DroidScript UI Kit or DS MUI

A DroidScript plugin for creating material design controls. It uses the available controls and methods of DroidScript's app object to curate beautiful UIs.

Making android apps has never been easy. With DroidScript engine and DroidScript IDE, you can build android apps 10x faster.

But the default controls created in DroidScript, looks like the old version of android widgets. This makes apps created in DroidScript looks like it has been developed a decade ago. Though the widget objects provide methods to style controls, it makes a delay in the development as one needs to study each of the methods for styling and behaviour.

And here comes DroidScript UI Kit.

DroidScript UI Kit or commonly known as MUI on the DroidScript community, is a DroidScript UI plugin that simplifies styling of apps to a whole new level. It provides a growing list of controls which the DroidScript developers can copy and paste to make elegant and modern looking DroidScript apps. The concept is to create a material design control in just a single line of code.


1   edt = MUI.CreateTextEditOutline( 0.85, "Left", "Type text", true )

The sample one-liner code above shows a material-designed DroidScript TextEdit control shown in the image below.

Sample Output

If one will design the exact duplicate of the same control, it will take up to 25 lines of code. But with DroidScript UI Kit or MUI, a single line of code will do.


There are two ways to integrate the plugin in your DroidScript application.

First option

To use DroidScript UI Kit, you need to download the DroidScript Demo app from playstore in this link

DroidScript UI Kit app

The demo app itself is created using the same plugin. The plugin is premium so you need to buy it by heading to the Download page by clicking the top-right icon on the homepage of the demo app. After you purchase the plugin, you need to restart the DroidScript application. DroidScript will pop-up a message that says a new plugin is installed. You can open the plugin documentation for a more comprehensive tutorial on this plugin.

Second option

If you are Premium on DroidScript you can access the MUI object directly as DroidScript UI Kit or MUI is now an internal plugin for DroidScript.

For a complete content on DroidScript UI Kit and MUI head up to the DroidScript UI Kit section.

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